FEFA Voices Concern Over IEC’s Failure in Bringing Electoral Reforms

The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) has expressed concern over the failure of the Independent Election Commission (IEC)’s in presenting a plan to amend the election law and bring the electoral reform.

FEFA has said that the continuation of this situation will have a negative impact on the electoral process, public trust in the elections, obtaining global aid and the outcome of the elections.

A statement issued by FEFA on Tuesday stated that (IEC), as the body responsible for conducting and administering the elections, had not taken any significant steps to pave the way for electoral reforms.

According to the statement, the IEC has not been able to finalize its plan to amend the electoral law, which is a significant part of electoral reform and paves the way for legal electoral reform, several months later.

FEFA cited that in the past few months, the Electoral Commissions had not been able to use the opportunity to come up with a comprehensive plan to amend the election law and submit it to the Ministry of Justice.

Recently, the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said in a report that the Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC) has always suffered from weak leadership, unqualified staff, minimal accountability for fraud, and inadequate decision-making structures.

In the meantime, FEFA has said that the IEC, instead of working and focusing on electoral reform, which is a good precondition for elections, focused on holding four elections (Ghazni parliamentary elections, provincial council, district council and municipal elections in major cities).

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