IRA Peace Negotiations Team Holds Virtual Meeting with Afghans Living in US, Europe

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Peace Negotiations Team has held a virtual meeting with Afghans living in 13 European countries and the United States about the Afghanistan peace process.

The IRA Peace Team in a statement said that the chief of the negotiation team of Afghanistan, Masoum Stanikzai appreciated the participation of Afghans living abroad in the meeting, saying the main victims of the current war in the country are Afghans.

According to the statement, Stanekzai, while emphasizing the strengthening of consensus among Afghans and having a unified voice to ensure sustainable peace & stability, said that Afghanistan must not go back to the dark past; instead, through unity and solidarity, we must strengthen the foundation laid.

In the meantime, the participants shared their questions and views about the status of the peace process, the women, youth and minorities’ rights and their role in the peace process, the ongoing violence in the country and the reasons for the suspension of the negotiations.

The participants called ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan as a collective responsibility and said that all the people of Afghanistan should work in this regard in the light of the national interests of the country.

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