Tajikistan Toughens Control at Border Checkpoints with Afghanistan Amid Coronavirus Fears

Tajikistan toughen control at border checkpoints with Afghanistan following the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in that country. All persons entering the country through the border check points on the Tajik-Afghan border should pass medical examination, the official media report.

“The first cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Afghanistan, and therefore we have decided to toughen control at the border check points with Afghanistan,” said Tajik Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population Mirhamuddin Kamolzoda.

“Our specialists are currently on the border and the situation is under control. We closely cooperate with relevant Afghan agencies to prevent spread of the coronavirus to our country,” Kamolzoda said.

Kamolzoda added that to date 882 of 1,148 people have been discharged from coronavirus quarantine in Tajikistan. Those people were under quarantine since February 1.

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