NATO Commander: Negotiations with Taliban a Key Part to Ending the War

The commander of US and NATO forces, Gen Scott Miller expressed that there is essentially no endgame in Afghanistan providing a safe haven for terrorists.

Speaking to an ABC News team, Gen. Scott Miller called political negotiations with Taliban a key part of ending the war.
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“The political talks are positive. I’ve talked about this fight multiple times — and it is a fight. Neither side will win it militarily … you have to move towards a political settlement,” Miller said.

On being asked whether he has been asked to prepare for the US troop withdrawal yet, he answered “No. … as a commander, I’m always trying to bring the footprint down, bring our force structure down.”

“In 2001, it was very clear to the world what we were doing in Afghanistan. In 2019, there still are national interests that need to be safeguarded,” he added.

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