Appreciate efforts of others in Afghan peace, but direct dialogue with Afghan people is paramount: AIHRC chairperson

Sima Samar, the Chairperson of the AIHRC, at a news conference in Kabul, said: “We welcome the efforts of other countries for peace in Afghanistan.
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But these dialogues should be conducted directly with the people of Afghanistan. ”

“The main force for bringing peace in the country is the people of Afghanistan,” Samar says.

Samar stressed that “We should encourage people to pardon. those who have committed very serious human rights crimes, should apologize to the people and live as a healthy person in the community. ”

She expressed that “We want a peace in which all human rights and justice values are respected. If these values are undermined, we will fall into another conflic and violence”

Finally, she emphasised on improving good governance and building trust between government and people as being “essential” for peace.

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