Upcoming Elections Including Ghazni Parliamentary Polls to be Held in Summer: Saleh

Amrullah Saleh, the first Vice President has said that in order to strengthen the foundations of the republic, one of the four elections (Ghazni Parliamentary election, the provincial councils, district councils and a number of municipalities elections)will be held next summer.

Mr. Saleh wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday “Although we hope to hold the four elections; But if we couldn’t hold them all because of logistical problems, we will definitely hold one or two.”

According to him, for this purpose, a meeting was held with the Independent Election Commission under the supervision of the President.

Mr Saleh said he had the task to report on constituencies for provincial council elections within a month.

“Constituency is one of the most complex and sensitive election issues; Because it can lead to a sense of abstraction and reduction for a section or sections of society. Afghanistan is a country of structural diversity, and it will not be easy to satisfy all classes – tribes and clans on demarcation issues,” he said.

Mr. Saleh noted that his second task is to coordinate with international organizations and institutions, especially the United Nations, to determine what experiences they have learned from the previous elections and what kind of cooperation they will have with the Afghan government in the upcoming elections.

Recently, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) proposed to the Government of Afghanistan that the parliamentary elections in Ghazni province, provincial councils, district councils and a number of municipalities elections be held in the next summer.

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