Honey Production Grows up in Badakhshan

The industry for beekeeping has been on the rise in northern Badakhshan province as honey production in the relatively peaceful province has reached to 283 tons, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock said.

According to the weekly Dehqan, more than 590 large and small-scale honey farms have been producing honey in Badakhshan province.

Appreciating the booming beekeeping industry in Badakhshan province, Moenudin Aini, the provincial head of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, told the paper that the suitable climate situation, the existence of flowers and awareness of most apiculturists are the factors behind the 60 percent increase in honey production in the province.

Badakhshan provides honey to local market and neighboring provinces at a price from 450 Afghani (5.
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8 U.S. dollars) per kilogram to 1,200 afghani (15.5 U.S. dollars) per kilogram depending on its quality, the paper added.

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