Acting Defense Minister Visits Faryab

The Acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid and the Resolute Support Mission Forces Commander Gen. Scott Miller visited the northern Faryab province on Monday.

The special operations corps said Monday in a statement that the acting minister of defense , Asadullah Khalid, while accompanied by Abdulmatin Beig, the head of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, and General Scott Miller, RS forces commander, traveled to Faryab Province to assess the security situation in the province.

In this visit, Khalid met with officials and Afghan Army in the province, who are engaged in ongoing military operations in the province, according to the statement.

“Our fight is for ensuing peace, our pressure is for bringing peace to Afghanistan,” Khalid said. “Our pressure will continue until the enemy continues obstinacy.”

The Afghan Army is in a better condition in terms of equipment, training and the skills of their operations against militants, according to Mr. Khalid.

“When I see the army and forces after years, now they are in better condition and they are ready to change from defensive to offensive,” said Khalid.

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