Ghani Urges International Community & Election Institutions to Monitor Presidential Election Process

While emphasizing on transparency in election, president Ghani says that government officials should not interior in election process.
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In a joint meeting held in presidential palace on Tuesday, he urged international community and election institutions to closely monitor each stage of the process.

The meeting was held concerning upcoming election with the presence of members of Independent Election Commission, International Community and the government, presidential palace said in a statement.
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The meeting discussed the funding for use of technology in the upcoming election, and Mr. Ghani has directed that the procurement works for election must start without any delay, and the National Procurement Commission should complete the necessary procurement procedures.

The Ministry of Finance also pledged to finalize the details of Independent Election Commission budget today in coordination with the international community in which the volume of government budget and the financial contributions of the international community will be determined.

Meanwhile, a number of presidential candidates are concerned about the lack of transparency in the upcoming presidential election and accused the government of interfering in the work of the Independent Election Commission.

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