Mohib In Kunar: Pakistan’s Rocket Attacks Will Not Go Unanswered

National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib arrived with his delegation to Kunar on Tuesday morning, and expressed sympathy for those who had suffered in the past week from cross-border rocket attacks by Pakistan, and warned of retaliation.

Mohib, who visited Sarkano district and the provincial capital, Asadabad city, met with the families of those who had been injured in the attacks.

He said that the “enemy,” Pakistan, would not be allowed to build facilities on the Afghan side of the Duran Line and their rocket attacks would not go unanswered.

He also called on the Taliban to unite with the Afghans in “defeating the common enemy.”

Mohib led a delegation to meet with civilian and military officials in Asadabad where they discussed the security situation in the province, the status of the roads leading to the districts, rocket launchers and the measures taken.

Sarkano district and parts of Asadabad city have witnessed Pakistani shelling in the past week.

At the same time, there have been reports of clashes between the Afghan and Pakistani forces at Zero Point over the construction of new facilities that encroach on the Afghan side.

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