Taliban Suffer Heavy Causalities in Baghlan as 53 Insurgents Killed

Provincial officials in Baghlan province have announced that 53 Taliban insurgents were killed and 20 others were wounded in the province.

The Taliban insurgents launched a coordinated offensive on outposts and bases of ANDSF in Tapa-e-Qarghan area in Daha-e-Ghori district on Monday night, Mahmood Haqmal, Baghlan provincial spokesperson told Reporterly on Tuesday.

He further added that security forces effectively responded to the offensive with the support of the Air Forces.

The security forces killed 50 insurgents during the clash and wounded 30 others, and the dead bodies of 24 insurgents are still left in the area, according to Haqmal.

He said that 3 security forces personnel were also injured in the clashes.

Meanwhile, 209th Shahin Corps in a statement said that 52 Taliban insurgents including 7 commanders of the group were killed and 33 others were injured.

The security forces confiscated some weapons and munitions including a 82mm mortar, several RPG-7 rocket launchers and PKM machine guns, 209 Shahin Corps said.

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