Daykundi’s Saffron Cultivation Second Only to Herat

Daykundi’s saffron cultivation is second only to Herat, according to provincial officials who said an increasing number of farmers in Daykundi are planting the valuable spice. The central mountainous province’s six provinces cultivate saffron in 40 acres of land.
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The Daykundi government has distributed 19 metric tons of saffron bulbs this year as the income from their sales was higher than those derived from poppy cultivation.

Last year, the provincial agricultural head said, Daykundi farmers harvested 100 kgs of saffron and the sales also increased by up to 30%.

Farmers have requested the government’s support in providing them with more bulbs and farming technology so that they could improve the cultivation process.

Officials in the province are also encouraging women farmers to adopt the crop.
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