AIHRC Float Proposals to Enhance Intra-Afghan Peace Talks

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has come up with four proposed mechanisms to enhance the participation of victims, experts and the general public in the intra-Afghan peace negotiations.

The four proposals include victim testimonies directly in front of the parties; regular consultation with a select reference group of civil society and human rights activists; specific proposals and expertise of members of civil society and other experts on identified issues; and nationwide consultation and outreach with the general public.

There are issues of great importance to the Afghan public, and AIHRC fears they would be missed out on if only the government and policy officials are negotiating.

According to AIHRC, the proposals would ensure broader engagement on the issue of conflict victims and human rights.

The organisation urged all the parties to take these proposals in to consideration as ignoring them could lead to a relapse of conflict.

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