80 Taliban Insurgents Including 5 Key Commanders Killed & Wounded in Herat

Herat Police Command says that in the past three months, 80 Taliban insurgents including 5 key commanders of the group were killed and wounded in four districts of the province.

Speaking in a news conference in Herat, Abdul Ahad Walizadah spokesman of Herat Police Command said that, as a result of joint operation of security forces in Chishti Sharif, Awbeh, Pashtun Zarghun and Kashk-e Rubat Sangi districts of the province, 50 Taliban insurgents including 5 key commanders were killed and 30 others were injured.

He noted that in these operations, 10 embedded mines were defused and a big explosive storage which was used to make IEDs was discovered.

As a result of the intelligence operations during the past three months, 841 people were arrested with charges such as armed robbery, murder, kidnapping, smuggling and selling narcotics, document fabrication, bribery, etc. along with 10 Kalashnikov and 15 pistols, as per Walizadah.

He further added that 120 people were arrested in connection with the cultivation, trafficking and sale of drugs, 17 of whom were major drug traffickers, and were introduced to judicial institutions.

According to Herat police spokesman, 85 kg of different drug types, 506 liters of alcoholic beverages and fermented raisins were also confiscated by police.

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