US Ambassador Bass Calls on Taliban to Stop Threatening Afghan Media

US Ambassador to Kabul John Bass expressed on Twitter that Afghanistan’s “vibrant” media is testament to the gains of the last 18 years, and that Journalism is not a crime.
He added that journalism is in fact a valued public service to the world.

“We call on the Taliban to stop threatening Afghan journalists. More violence, against journalists or civilians, will not bring security and opportunity to Afghanistan”, he wrote.
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He conceded by saying that violence won’t help either the country or the Taliban to reach their political objectives.

These remarks of Bass were in the Taliban threatening that if the media do not stop what they call anti-Taliban “propaganda” within a week, the media will be targeted by the group in the capital as well as provinces.

A number of media outlets are launching commercial advertisement against the group and also publish special contact numbers of security departments which must be stopped, The Taliban Military Commission said in a statement on Monday.

The Taliban’s statement states that if all local radio stations (FM and non-FM), TVs and the rest of the media do not stop this activity within a week, they will be targeted.

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