4 Coalition Servicemembers Tested Positive for COVID-19 in Afghanistan

The Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan has confirmed that four coalition servicmembers have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The RS in a press release said that the Servicemembers were newly arrived in the country and were precautionary screening facility when they become symptomatic, were moved to isolation and tested.

“We have taken the necessary precautions to identify and quarantine any personnel these four Servicemembers may have been in contact with,” the press release reads.
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According to RS, there are approximately 1500 servicmembers and civilians living in screening facilities as a preventive measures.

“These Servicemembers are living in screening facilities out of an abundance of caution, not because they are sick,” it said.

RS also added that as of March 24, 38 Resolute Support personnel exhibiting flu-like symptoms are in isolation and receiving medical care.

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