Govt’s Has Its Own Conditions For Peace Talks: Ghani

President Ashraf Ghani at a gathering in Nangarhar province has responded to the Taliban’s demand for the release 5,000 prisoners ahead of the intra-Afghan talks, saying that the Afghan government also has its demands.

“There are two sides–they have conditions and we have conditions,” Ghani said. During his speech, he also asked: “When are the Taliban going to leave Pakistan?”

In the meantime, president in response to the Taliban’s resuming attacks on security forces, said: “You have made peace with the foreigners so what does your jihad mean now?”

“Killing Afghans is a crime,” Ghani added.

President Ghani, following Saturday’s formal agreements, balked at a part of the US-Taliban deal mentioning the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners held by the Afghan government as a “confidence-building” measure for intra-Afghan talks, saying the government has made no such commitment.

3 / March 2020