‘Pakistan Has Played Its Part, Time for People of Afghanistan to Decide its Future’: Qureishi

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Pakistan has played the role it had to play in the Afghan peace process, now it was up to the people of the country to decide their future.

“Pakistan has always been in favour of peace,” Qureshi told BBC Urdu in an interview. “Now it is up to the people of Afghanistan to decide what they want to do. They need to decide what they want to do about their future and what country do they want.”

The foreign minister also dismissed reports of Pakistan meddling in the country’s affairs. “Pakistan does not want to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal matters. We just want good relations with them,” he said.

When asked what Pakistan think of an inclusive government in Afghanistan, the foreign minister said, “If you want peace, there is no other way other than an inclusive government. The more you take people together, the better it would be. I hope the setup in the future is more inclusive.”

3 / March 2020