COVID-19: Ministry of Health Warns ‘Hard Days Have Come’ in Coronavirus Fight

“Difficult times have befallen us and we will witness more deaths of our loved ones,” wrote Wahid Majrooh, Deputy Minister of Public Health, in a heartfelt Facebook post about the Coronavirus pandemic. “A few weeks or months ago, we were watching similar days in other countries.
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Unfortunately, we did not learn.”

Majrooh told the people to stop blaming the government. “It’s not enough to carelessly look at the graphs [COVID-19 tracker]. The situation was under control. The spread of the virus was delayed until people rushed to the streets to buy Eid stuff and break the quarantine. ”

“Pay attention to the right advice for your sake, not for us. Otherwise the roads will be full of corpses.”

He asked the media, experts and doctors for help, adding that it is not the time to criticise the government, but the time to take action and heed the advice of the health ministry in limiting the spread of Coronavirus.

He also pointed that because people are not following the quarantine, they are putting medical professionals at risk. He called the doctors and other health workers a “hero” who is committed to “die in the hospital, but not back down to leave a fellow countryman sick.”

Majrooh emphasized that the testing capacity in the country has increased from 200 to 2,000 tests, but the laboratories receive 10 to 20 times more samples per day. This has put a huge burden on the testing facilities.

“Don’t call me for test results – our colleagues are trying 24 hours. But, delays in announcement of results in inevitable,” he said. He reiterated that no country has achieved 100% testing yet and the Afghan government is trying its best.

Meanwhile, according to the new statistics provided by the Ministry of Health, the number of infected people in Afghanistan has reached 11,831, of which 220 have died and 1,128 have recovered.

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