Ghani: Covid-19 Is Haunting Humanity, Aligned Action Needed to Marshal True Sense of Urgency to Overcome

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says the specter of Covid-19 is haunting the humanity and aligned action is needed to marshal the true sense of urgency to overcome it.

President Ghani has delivered speech at Online Summit Level Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement Contact Group in response to COVID-19 on Monday.

“Covid-19 is a hyper event, plunging our interconnected world into turmoil by disrupting our normal modes of conduct and forms of sociability. Deep uncertainty regarding the future, across the world, therefore, characterizes the Corona –effect,” President said.

President Ghani has shared Afghanistan’s five phases to enable to lead and manage the response in Afghanistan; acknowledgement; diffusion; adversity; relief; and recovery.

“following the premise that the duration of each phase, the scale and scope of its impact and the response of the people will be uncertain. Intensive consultations enabled us to map our societal vulnerabilities and chart the expectations of our fellow citizens from their state,” President asserted.

“We, the Afghan people, who have suffered for 40 years from the games of polarization and proxy conflict, will like to transform our country into a platform of regional and global cooperation.
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Join us in this noble quest,” he added.

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