50 Insurgents Killed Across 6 Provinces

The Ministry of Defense has released multiple statements announcing that 50 insurgents were killed across 6 provinces.
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4 insurgents were killed,2 wounded and some weapons and ammunition were destroyed in ANA airstrikes in Chora district of Uruzgan Province.

In Nimroz, 4 insurgents were killed and 7 wounded in ANA response attacks in Khashrod district.

Furthermore, 8 insurgents were killed in ANA airstrikes in Andar district of Ghazni Province.

Moreover, 15 insurgents were killed and 6 were wounded in ANA response attacks in Muqur district of Ghazni Province.

15 insurgents were killed, 30 wounded and 2 vehicles were destroyed in ANA clearing operations in Posht Rod, Gulistan districts and Bagha-e Pol area in capital of Farah Province.

Finally, 5 insurgents were killed and 3 wounded in ANA airstrikes in Charsada district of Ghor Province.

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