French Police Evacuate Migrants, Mostly Afghans From Paris Refugee Camp Amid Corona Threats

French police today evacuated a street refugee camp outside the Stade de France stadium in north Paris in view of the threat of the Corona epidemic. The number of refugees in this camp has been reported to be around 2000, most of which are Afghan and African refugees. Dozens of policemen were deployed for this operation, who were given the responsibility for this work amid the ongoing lockdown across the country.

These refugees have taken in buses were taken to Covid 19 Testing Centers. Those found positive after the test have been placed in isolation, while those found negative have been taken to various shelter homes and sports halls located in the capital. Earlier, during the first lockdown imposed during March-April, a camp with 700 people was also evacuated from the suburb Aubervilliers.

Following the French police’s operation to evacuate the camp today, Paris Police Chief Didier Lallement told Reporters that those who did not have a bonafide asylum claim would not be allowed to live in French land.

It is important to note here that Paris is a major stop of the European Refugee Route. For this reason, the number of refugees here has been increasing, which has been dispersed by the police from time to time.

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