Peace in Afghanistan Should be in Line with Global Human Rights Values: Ghani

President Ashraf Ghani, who spoke via video call at the Geneva conference on Afghanistan, said he had repeatedly called for a ceasefire with the Taliban in recent years, referring to peace talks with the Taliban in Doha.
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President pointed to the release of Taliban prisoners after “consulting with the Loya Jirga”.

Ghani told the participants of the Geneva conference that his country wants a peace that should be in accordance with the Constitution of Afghanistan and the values of world human rights.

“Our strategy is based on the three principles; making peace, state-building and creating a market,” Ghani said.

He told representatives of countries and organizations that he expects to set a framework for the assistance to his country for the next four years.

The Afghanistan Donor Conference was attended by representatives of 70 countries and 20 international organizations in Geneva.

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