Abdullah’s Team Warns IEC, Sets Deadline to Remove Fraudulent Votes

The Presidential Candidate Abdullah Abdullah’s team “Stability and Partnership” has set a four-day deadline for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to remove the fraudulent votes.

The deputies of “Stability and Partnership” electoral team warned to stage a civil protest if their demands not addressed.

Abdullah’s team in a gathering of Jubish-e Mili party announced support for Kabul protesters and stated that the demands of protesting electoral teams have not been addressed so far.

Supporting the protesters, Babur Farahmand, Abdullah’s first vice-president candidate said they will stand up to their clean votes.

Farahmand noted that the result of their negotiations with the IEC officials is that the commission has been disqualified and has no right to make any decision.

He stressed that the security forces should be neutral and do not interfere in the elections affairs, adding that IEC is trying to involve the military in the election issues.

“IEC has added tens of thousands of votes to the count, which were cast outside polling hours or which had no biometric records,” he said.

Abdullah’s first vice-president candidate insists that if the fraudulent votes invalidated, the votes of “Stability and Partnership” team will be higher than 51 percent.

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