Afghan National Army Women Officers Training in Indian Army’s OTA Chennai

India has begun training a fresh batch of women officers to belong to the Afghanistan National Army (ANA).

“20 women officers of the Afghanistan National Army have come to Officers Training Academy for training,” an Indian officer said.

As per the Indian Express report, these women officers are undergoing a four-week long course which started from 25 November will end on December 21. During this period the ANA women officers will undergo physical training, drills, weapon training, tactical training, military leadership, human resources management, and computer training told the officer quoted above.

The officers will also be given communication skills classes. The Officers Training Academy in Chennai is the pre-commission military academy in India where women cadets are trained.

This is the third such course for the women officers of the Afghanistan National Army.
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The first such batch of 20 officers came in 2017 and it was followed with 19 more women officers coming in 2018.

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