Nationwide Demonstrations Will be Held to Fight Electoral Fraud: Dostum

The first vice-president and a member of “Stability and Partnership” electoral team says a huge wave of Afghans will stage a nationwide demonstration to fight against fraud, if it is not prevented.

In a meeting with the people in Sheberghan city of Jawzjan province, Gen. Dostum declared that no attention has been paid in reconstruction of Sheberghan in the recent years, and any changes have been made by local people and businessmen.

Dostum also allocated 40,000 square meters of his own land to build a university, equivalent to Kabul University in Sheberghan. The university is set to cost more than $ 15 million.

He added that the Taliban are not capable of confronting the security forces, but the reason for the growing insecurity in the country, especially in the north, is the cooperation of some groups with the Taliban.

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