Paedophile Ring Claim Aimed for Seeking Aslyum, Says NDS

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) says the claim that a paedophile ring allegedly abused hundreds of boys in Logar province was aimed for seeking alyssum in foreign countries.

NDS in a statement on Tuesday said that the report by Mossa Mahmoudi and his colleague on child sexual abuse in a number of schools in Logar disturbed public opinion and posed several serious security threats.

According to the NDS statement, Mahmudi and his colleagues who made the claim “were shifted to safe place” due to security threats and to inquire about the claims.

“Unfortunately, from Mahmoudi’s speech it became clear that his findings were without evidence and that it was conducted purely for the purpose of establishing a story and then seeking asylum in a foreign country for his family.”

The statement stated that the unjustified allegations without any evidence posed a security threat to several schools, including students which also confuses public opinion about the educational environment and can deprive our children of the opportunity to learn.

This comes as the Amnesty International and Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission has called on Afghanistan’s intelligence agency to release two Afghan activists who were arrested after exposing the paedophile ring.

Mahmudi, a youth social worker, told the Guardian newspaper that teachers and local officials were involved in the paedophile ring, based in Logar province south of the capital.

At least 546 boys from six schools were allegedly abused, The Guardian reported.

Some victims were later killed, The Guardian reported, adding that rights campaigners uncovered more than 100 videos of the sexual abuse.

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