56 Insurgents Killed and Wounded Across 6 Provinces of Afghanistan

The Ministry of Defense has reported that a total of 56 insurgents have been killed or wounded by the Afghan security forces operations across 6 provinces.

In Ghazni, 29 insurgents were killed while 3 were wounded by the ANA airstrikes and some ammunitions were also destroyed in Qarabagh and Malistan districts.

7 ISIS insurgents were killed and 2 others were arrested along with 2 hideouts being destroyed by ANA airstrikes and clearing operations in Deh Bala district of Nangarhar.

Furthermore, the ANA airstrikes in Uruzgan killed 5 insurgents and wounded 3 and even destroyed 4 hideouts.

Moreover, 3 Haqqani network terrorists were killed and 2 of their explosives laden vehicles were destroyed by the airstrikes in the Omna district of Paktika.

Additionally, 3 insurgents were killed and one was wounded by ANA response attacks in Naw Bahar district of Zabul Province.

Finally, 2 insurgents were killed and 1 vehicle of theirs was destroyed by airstrikes in Mohammad Agha district of Logar Province.

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