IECC Clarifies What Votes Are Deemed Valid

In a press conference on Tuesday, the spokesperson of IECC, Ali Reza Rouhani has stated a number of things regarding what votes will be counted as valid.

Firstly, those votes of the ballot boxes which are based on biometric identification and the voter lists are to be considered valid.

Secondly, votes of those polling stations where polls were conducted with biometric devices but without voter lists are also deemed to be valid, if and only if they match the main list.

Moreover, Mr Rouhani added that those votes will be counted as valid which were cast in polling stations with only the voter lists, but provided that these are approved by the observers.

Furthermore, the spokesperson said that provincial offices of IEC need to cooperate with the electoral observers and monitors within the law.

This comes after a lot of confusion was prevailing after elections as to what votes will be counted as valid since there were missing biometric devices, of voter lists in many polling stations.

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