Ministry of Public Health: 50% of Girls in Afghanistan Lack Awareness About Menstrual Health

According to the Afghan Ministry of Public Health, 50% of girls in the country do not have adequate information about their menstruation.
Ministry of Public Health minister, Firozuddin Firuz, said on Tuesday in an awareness program that 30% of girls are not attending school at the time of menstruation. Also, 12% do not have access to sanitations such as pads, clean water, soap as well as place for applying this sanitary measures during menstruation. Worse, 7% of girls also do not bathe in Afghanistan during menstruation.

This has led many girls in Afghanistan to be left out of many day-to-day and social activities during the menstrual period.

The Minister of Public Health has emphasized the availability of several volumes to inform young girls, and also enforced the distribution of iron supplements in schools to prevent iron deficiency.

It has been reported time and again that women in South Asian countries are most prone to anaemia which happens due to iron deficiency and is indirectly related to a lack of proper knowledge about the female menstruation.

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