No Word From Afghanistan Regarding Power Line Transmission Damage: Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan did not receive information from the Afghan authorities about the disruption of the power transmission line on Afghan territory, which receives electricity from Uzbekistan, according to Uzbek media.

As per Trend reports, earlier, Afghan media reported that militants of anti-government forces blew up power transmission towers coming from Uzbekistan in Afghanistan, leaving 11 provinces without light.

“The national electric networks of Uzbekistan under the Ministry of Energy did not receive any confirming information from buyers of electricity in Afghanistan that the power transmission towers were blown up,” the Ministry of Energy said.

The ministry suggested that the supply of electricity could be disrupted from Tajikistan, which also sells electricity to Afghanistan.

“If the power was turned off for some reason, we assume that this could happen on the line from which Afghan consumers get electricity from Tajikistan.
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If this assumption is true, we do not know when and how Tajik and Afghan specialists will restore the power lines,” said the ministry.

According to the current contract, Afghanistan receives 1.5 million kWh of electricity per day from Uzbekistan.

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