Abdullah: Intra-Afghan Talks Will Start ‘Soon,’ Enmity With Taliban Must End

Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, said that intra-Afghan talks will begin soon and the government’s peace negotiating delegation will be travelling to Qatar in the coming days.

Speaking at the commemoration ceremony marking the 19th death anniversary of Ahmad Shah Massoud on Tuesday, Abdullah said he had no enmity with anyone inside Afghanistan, adding “page of enmity with the Taliban must be closed.”

He said all humans have differences of opinion with others in politics, administration and various matters, however, one must ensure that this does not lead to violence, war and bloodshed.

“Afghanistan’s enemy is someone who does not want Afghanistan to survive,” he said, pointing to those who want to condemn and humiliate the country.

He said that the government delegation and the Taliban will meet in the “coming days” and are scheduled for the talks.

The chairman of the Reconciliation Council added that if the war continued, “peace and unity” among the people will be affected.
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He said that after years of conflicts, efforts should be made for peace as the burden on the young generation “is too heavy.”

After the completion of the prisoner exchange, peace talks are to be held in Qatar soon.

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