Taliban Attack On Abshar District Of Panjshir Repulsed

Local officials in Panjshir province said that the Taliban attack on parts of the province’s Abshar district was repulsed without casualties to security forces and civilians on Tuesday.

Mohammad Mansour Anabi, spokesperson for the governor of Panjshir, told Reporterly that the Taliban attacked the Qala Tari village in the Ghulghula area of Abshar district at around 9 am today.

Anabi said that after the initial attack, local residents and Afghan security forces mobilized and fought off the Taliban.

According to the official, the Taliban suffered heavy casualties during the clashes while none were reported among the security forces or the civilians.

He dismissed the claims of Taliban taking hostages as “baseless.”

Taliban attack on Panjshir after 19 years

Abshar district is one of the remote areas of Panjshir province which shares borders with Kapisa, Laghman and Nuristan provinces.

This was the first time in the past 19 years that the Taliban had entered a district in Panjshir.

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted tha the group’s fighters had attacked security checkpoints in the Ghulghula area of the district and overrun parts of it.

He claimed that they had captured seven security force members while killing and wounding several others.

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