School Bell Rings in Samangan Province

Afghan local education officials have rang the school bell in Samangan province and the subjects will be broadcasted through the public TV.

The governor of Samangan Abdul Latifi Ibrahimi by ringing the bell, said that the school subjects have been recorded for the new educational year of 1399 and will be broadcasted via Afghanistan National TV channel.

“Due to the prevention of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Education decided to broadcast the school subjects through the public Television in three sections,” Ibrahimi said.
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With schools in Afghanistan remaining closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Education (MoE) is scheduled to launch a national learning platform and will start broadcasting core school subjects on public TV and radio to help Afghan students keep learning even with classes suspended.

The move toward remote learning comes as schools have postponed for at least up to the
next month until further notice.

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