CHS Doha Institute to Host Intra-Afghan Conference on Peace, Participants to Attend in Personal Capacity

Centre for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, Doha institute is set to host intra-Afghan Conference on Peace in Qatar. The director of CHS, Sultan Barakat announced that the institute will host the Intra-Afghan Conference for Peace on 20 and 21 April.

“Doha Afghan Talks will bring together over 200 leading Afghan men and women as part of an open, inclusive, and representative Intra-Afghan dialogue”, Barakat tweeted.
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It was added that the Participants will attend in their personal capacity. The conference will gather government officials, leading opposition figures, the Taliban Political Commission in Doha, and civil society voices including women, youth, tribal, and religious leaders.

The list of participants, as per Barakat, has been carefully prepared to ensure representation from all walks of Afghan life, with the aim that the conference is the most open, inclusive, and representative Intra-Afghan dialogue to date.
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