Mohaqiq: Disagreements Over PM Post Stalled Election Campaign

Mohammad Mohaqiq, the deputy of Peace and Moderation electoral team led by Hanif Atmar has confirmed that disagreements in this team over the Prime Minister position stalled their election campaigns.

After reports emerged about the disagreements of the members of this electoral team, this is the first time that Mohaqiq in an interview with Tolo News has confirmed the existence of disagreements.

“It is a fact that there have been arguments over the Prime Minister position about whether we should have it or not and it was not mutually agreed upo. The damage was that the election campaign came to a halt,” he said.

Mohaqiq noted that the Prime Ministerial position was not the only issue, but ther were other factors too for the stoppage of the team’s electoral activities. He added that a final decision will soon be made on dissolving, boycotting or continuing the team’s campaign.

“We have not yet dissolved this team. Eid came, and the elders and other members of the team including Atmar went on holiday. After they return, we would sit down again and finish the chat about what to do; if we decided to continue, we would continue or boycott the elections. And if everyone decides to go their own way, we will still have a better way,” Mohaqiq added.

The deputy of Peace and Moderation team declared that some Presidential candidates have shown interest for joining of Ata Mohammad Noor and Younis Qanoni to their teams and possibly they will join one of the teams.

This comes as the United People’s Party of Afghanistan , led by Vahidullah Sabawon, also announced departure from Atmar’s team in a letter.

Previously, sources within Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s election team had reported the possibility of Mohammad Hanif Atmar’s joining Ghani’s electoral team, but Atmar’s office has not confirmed it.

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