Khalilzad Urges Afghan Leaders From All Sides To ‘Put Their Country First’ For Peace

U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad said that Afghan leaders from both parties, would have to put their country first and reach a political agreement.

In a series of tweets, on early Wednesday, wishing Afghanistan on its Independence Day, Khalilzad said that Afghans yearn for peace and the country was “at a hopeful stage” of ending the decades long war and conflict.

“Afghans yearn for peace and soon Afghan-owned and Afghan-led negotiations should start, a historic and vital step,” he wrote.

“Afghan leaders from all sides will have to rise to the occasion, put their country first, learn from past mistakes and reach a political agreement. That is the road to ending the war and a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire,”

Writing on the occasion of the 101st Independence Day, the envoy said it was a day where all Afghans take pride in.

“The U.S. joins Afghans in celebrating their independence and will stand with them in their struggle to forge a sustainable peace. We wish Afghanistan independence and peace,” he concluded his message.

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