9 Children Killed, Wounded in Pakistan Missile Attacks on Kunar

At least nine children were killed several wounded in Pakistan’s missile attacks on eastern Kunar province, local officials said Wednesday.

The spokesman of Kunar governor, Abdul Ghani Mosamem told Reporterly, “At around 2:00 PM today, as a result of two missiles firings by Pakistani military on Dangam district of Kunar, 3 children were killed and 6 others were wounded.
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Mosamem said that when the attack took place, these children were playing with each other.

This comes after when several months ago, a number of houses were damaged after Pakistan fired around 200 missiles on parts of the Sheltan district of Kunar.

Yesterday, the Afghan government complained to the UN Security Council about Pakistan’s recent missile attacks on Afghanistan’s bordering districts.

The permanent representative of Afghanistan in UN, Adela Raz in a complaint letter to UN security council has urged for the needed measure to prevent Pakistan’s missiles attacks on Afghanistan’s soil.

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