Clearance Operation Ends in Kabul: 2 Suicide Bombers Killed, 3 Suicide Vests & Car Bomb of IS-K Destroyed

The National Directorate of Security announced that NDS had carried out 3 target and separate operations on bomb-making caches and hideouts of IS-K group in Kabul.

As a result of joint clearance operation of security forces in Kabul, two IS-K suicide bombers were killed and three IED making factory and car bomb destroyed, NDS said in a statement on Wednesday.

The National Directorate of Security said in a statement that based on previous information and in collaboration with locals, the operations were conducted in PD9 and PD15 of Bagrami district where IS-K group were hiding and planning to carry out subversive activities in Kabul city.

The statement added that, two suicide bombers of IS-K group were killed in the operation and some heavy weapons, IED explosives and suicide vests were demolished.

Three security force members were killed in an operation against IS-K fighters, the statement said.

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