Security Forces Launch Operations Against Terrorists in Kabul

NDS Special Units have conducted clearance and target operations in several spots in Kabul last night, as per Feroz Bashari, the GMIC Director. He added that so far operations in one spot have already concluded, but other clashes are still ongoing in two other spots.


Moreover, the ANDSF conducted offensive operations in three spots where terrorists were hidden. “We believe there are suicide bombers in these places. Three of the terrorists killed so far. The areas are cordoned off. ANDSF is making sure no civilian is harmed. All terrorists will be killed”, Bashari added.

Meanwhile, 2 would-be suicide bombers were killed at first gate of Kelagai camp in Baghlan early hours of Wednesday morning after the security forces identified them and started shooting on the bombers, the 209 Shaheen Corps said in a statement. The bombers were in a Humvee and after the shooting, the vehicle exploded and the bombers were killed, the 209 Shaheen Corps added.

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