UN Expresses Conver Over Taliban’s Threat to Civilians in Election Process

The United Nation expressed deep concern on the Taliban’s stated threat to target civilians participating in the 28 September presidential election process and urged the group to respect and protect Afghan civilians.

According to international humanitarian and human rights law, the electoral process in Afghanistan is a civilian undertaking and everyone has the right to take part in public affairs, to vote and to be elected to government without discrimination and without unreasonable restrictions, the UN statement said.


All citizens – whether voters, candidates or election-related staff – have the right to be free from fear, intimidation and violence at all stages of an elections process, the statement added.

The United Nations urges the Taliban to respect and protect civilians and not to threaten them or carry out violence should they engage in their constitutional right to participate in elections.

The United Nations emphasised that attacks directed against polling centers and civilians participating in the electoral process are clear violations of international law, and perpetrators of such crimes must be held accountable.

Meanwhile, the Taliban in a statement on Tuesday called the democratic process of elections in Afghanistan as “deceiving”. It has asked people to stay away from gathering so they don’t become “potential targets”, possibly signaling that they could attack on any rallies of presidential candidates.

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