Pakistan Asks Regional Partners to Help Out in Afghan Peace

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has expressed that Pakistan alone cannot bring peace in Afghanistan pointing that it was a “shared responsibility” of regional countries including India, Iran, Tajikistan and China.

“Since India is present in Afghanistan, its cooperation in this regard will also be required,” Qureshi told Pakistani lawmakers as quoted by Dawn.

Qureshi assured that several meetings for peace in Afghanistan have already taken place in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates so far.
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He reiterated that US President Donald Trump sent a letter to Pakistan calling for it’s help in facilitating the Afghan peace process. Qureshi believes that Pakistan was already doing that.

According to Qureshi, there is has finally been agreement among stakeholders about the opinion that Afghanistan needed a political settlement, “All the stakeholders, including the US, Afghanistan and the Taliban, are on board,” he assured.

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