Afghanistan Records Lowest Death Toll of Media Workers in 14 Years, Remains 3rd Deadliest Country for Reporters

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) have informed in a report on Tuesday that Afghanistan was the third deadliest country in 2017 for violence against media workers.

According to RSF’s estimates, 26 people “were killed in the course of their work, the collateral victims of a deadly situation such as an air strike, an artillery bombardment, or a suicide bombing” while 39 “were murdered, and deliberately targeted because their reporting threatened political, economic, or criminal interests.”

Thus, 65 journalists and media workers were killed in 2017, however it has been recorded as the lowest toll in 14 years.

The report estimated that 326 people working in the media – including 202 professional journalists were additionally being detained.
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Overall, RSF said, the decrease in deaths is due to journalists fleeing countries such as Syria, Yemen and Libya that have become too dangerous and it also analysed that increasing awareness of the need to protect journalists is making the scenario better.

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