53 Insurgents Including 1 Key Taliban Commander Killed Across 3 Provinces in Past 24 Hours

The Ministry of Defense released multiple statements to inform that a total of 53 insurgents were killed across Helmand, Logar and Ghazni province as a result of ANA airstrikes and clearing operations.

In Helmand, 1 key Taliban commander was among the 27 killed while 7 others were wounded and 4 weapons, 2 vehicles and 3 hideouts were destroyed as well. This happened in Kajaki district.

In Ghazni’s Andar and Qarabagh districts, 16 insurgents were killed and 19 others wounded while 1 suspect was arrested and 2 vehicles were destroyed.
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Finally, in Logar, 10 insurgents were killed and 1 motorbike was destroyed in Mohammad Agha district.

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