Press Freedom Must Be Preserved in Afghanistan As One of Most Important Gains of Past 19 Years: Ross Wilson

US ambassador to Afghanistan Ross Wilson says the press freedom must be preserved as one of the important gains of the past 19 years.

Ross Will in a series of tweets said, “I have said it before: we must preserve PressFreedom in Afghanistan as one of the most important gains of the past 19 years. Media workers here demonstrate remarkable courage in ensuring transparency and accountability. We hear you and we support you.”

Following the recent targeted attacks in Helmand, Ghazni, Jalalabad and Kabul provinces, the US ambassador to Kabul has met with media representatives as well as Kabul’s diplomatic corps.

“The U.S. and partner missions wanted to hear directly from Afghanistan’s extraordinary press and NGO leaders about the threats their colleagues are facing. But more than this, we wanted to discuss strategies for security & for assisting reporters who are at risk right now,” he added.

This comes as the targeted killings and assassinations have recently increased in Afghanistan provinces, particularly the capital, Kabul.

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