MoHE Announces New Curriculum for Education and Assures Transparency in Scholarships

Mohammad Faisal Amin, the Ministry of Higher Education spokesperson announced on Wednesday in a press conference that the ministry has recently included a curriculum of 165 educational fields of study in the curriculum development plan. Within this, law and agriculture will be reviewed while 65 other clusters are to be revised by the end of the year, he said.

Amin also added that the goal of this review process is to meet the standard requirements of the market in order to provide quality education.
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He pointed that “More than 70% developmental project of the Ministry of Higher Education is spent transparently from the beginning of FY 1397, and till the end of fiscal year 1397, the percentage will increase up to 90%”.

Amin said that around 1590 students have been sent abroad for professional degrees and 170 professors have completed their masters within Afghanistan, while 484 of them as well as the staff have been sent outside the country for masters degrees. Additionally, 38 more have been sent abroad for PhD programs.

He concluded at the press conference that the ministry of higher education strives to “ensure the fair distribution of scholarships and to increase transparency in the field “.

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