Umer Daudzai: Consultative Peace Loya Jirga to be Held with Non-governmental Commission

Umer Daudzai, Head of Secretariat of the High Peace Council said that Consultative peace Jirga will be held within the next three weeks in Kabul.

He said that the Jirga will begin on March 18 for 3 days. The Head of Secretariat of the HPC also cleared that the gathering will be held by a non governmental Commission.




He reiterated that “for the first time for holding Loya Jigra, we created a non-governmental commission… in the past, the commisions who hold Loya Jirga were governmental”.

Daudzai added that HPC will support the Afghan politicians talks with the Taliban, if the talks have results. Last week the Afghan president ordered HPC, that they hold the peace Jirga for Afghanistan until mid March, and asked Afghan citizens to introduce their representatives for the Jirga.

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