Afghan Wheelchair Basketball Captain Hopes Peace Gives Team A Shot At Paralympics

One of thousands of Afghans badly injured during years of conflict, Nilofar Bayat hopes for peace so that her wheelchair basketball team can take part in the Paralympics but fears a return to power by the Taliban could quash her dreams, Reuters reported.
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Bayat, now 26, suffered a spinal cord injury at the age of two when a rocket hit her house, killing her brother. Her injury limited her ability to run or jump but has not deterred her from studying, getting a job and pursuing her love of basketball.

“I hope Afghanistan’s situation gets better, so I can train with a relaxed mind, doing my work, and having a better life,” Bayat said following a practice match with her teammates at a gymnasium in Kabul.

“I hope to see the development of my team… I hope we can go to the next Paralympics,” said Bayat, a law school graduate who now works as a data entry operator.

She began playing basketball with a team organised by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) eight years ago.

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