Forced Deportation of Afghan Children Never acceptable: MoRR

Forced deportation of Afghan minors back to their home country is not acceptable given the country’s current situation, Deputy Refugee Minister for Afghanistan, Dr. Alema said during a meeting with Ernst Noorman, Netherlands’s Ambassador to Afghanistan on Tuesday.

The meeting focused on discussing the better management of Afghan refugees in Netherland and Dutch request for Afghan cooperation on establishing a shelter for the support of minors of deported minors.

In reaction, the Deputy Minister said that Netherland’s request goes against Afghanistan’s agreement with the European Union and considering the human right of the refugees, her country will not accept the forced deportation of the vulnerable class.

She added that given Afghanistan’s current internal situation, the forced deportation of the minors and establishing a shelter in the country is illogical and not acceptable by the Refugee Ministry.

The European Union and Afghanistan signed an agreement in 2015 under which member states can send failed Afghan asylum seekers back to their home country, except vulnerable groups including children.

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