28 Afghan Forces Killed, Wounded in Taliban Attacks in Balkh & Kunduz

Afghan security officials say at least 28 Afghan forces have been killed and wounded in Balkh and Kunduz provinces.

The spokesman of Balkh Police, Adel Shah Adel told Reporterly that the Taliban group attacked a security forces’ outpost in Balkh district at around 22:00p.m. on Tuesday night.

According to Adel, at least eight security forces were killed and wounded in the attack, but the outpost is now under the control of security forces.

In the meantime, a provincial member of Kunduz, Safiullah Amiri told Repoterly that the Taliban insurgents stormed three outposts of the security forces in Dasht-e Archi district which as a result, 14 security forces have been killed.

Amiri noted that at least six other security forces were wounded in the incident.

He further added that the reinforcement have arrived to the area.

1 / January 2020